Many students pursue certificates at York to add to their professional qualifications, explore a subject outside of their major or to enhance their studies. The number of credits required for a certificate varies based on subject area and specialization, but certificate requirements typically consist of 24 or more specific credits. At graduation, students receive a printed copy of any certificates awarded and a notation is made on future transcripts showing certificates earned.

  • Types of certificates offered at York
  • Category Description

    Offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, this certificate type is described as “advanced” within the program. 


    A cluster of courses in a specific area of interest, which are not confined to a specific are of study or major. 


    Made up of a series of courses in a specific area of study which complement a major. 

    General/no category

    This certificate type acknowledges a level of competence or skills in a particular area or field. 


    A series of courses that build specific skills, often related to professional expertise that may be recognized by an external professional body. For example, courses in the Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management have been approved by the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario and count towards the academic component of the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. 


    Usually focused on languages, this certificate type acknowledges a student’s proficiency in a specific area. Some certificates of language proficiency are offered at basic, intermediate and advanced levels and/or specialize on proficiency for business as an option.

  • Ways to earn a certificate
  • The ways to pursue a certificate at York are outlined below. Application instructions and options for each certificate are listed on the corresponding certificate description page. For a list of all certificates and their description pages, click here.

    Entry type Description

    This certificate may be pursued while enrolled in a degree program at York. For some certificates, you must be in a specific major or have completed a certain number of credits to apply to the certificate.

    See all certificates offering a concurrent entry option.


    You may apply to this certificate on its own (it is not required to pursue a degree at the same time) if you have previously completed a university degree and meet minimum requirements for admission.

    See all certificates offering a consecutive entry option.