In Environmental Studies, we challenge you to view the environment through multiple perspectives. Exploring natural, social, artistic, urban and built environments, our program will help you understand how seemingly different issues are actually connected. Designed to equip you with the knowledge to critically understand and the capacity to deal with complex environmental and social issues, our program will set you on a pathway to a career that will change the world.

We are a close-knit, student-centred community that respects and values insight, creativity, justice and diversity.

Dedicated to inspiring active learners and engaged citizens, our award-winning professors will teach you how to incorporate your passion for environmental well-being and social justice into your studies. Each course will extend the boundaries of the classroom and offer you opportunities for hands-on learning where you will use Toronto and surrounding areas as your field lab. As well, our student services team, including advisers, alumni mentors and career experts, will support you in reaching your utmost success in your academic and professional goals.

You will also be able to develop the practical experience future employers seek. Whether you use our resources to secure internship placements for course credits, participate in a professor’s research project or apply to our Costa Rican rainforest semester abroad, you’ll gain invaluable experience to use well past graduation.

Dual-Credential Programs (Joint Programs)
Earn a three-year college diploma and a four-year BES degree in just five years through one of our dual-credential programs:

You can also complete the International Development Dual Credential program with Humber College in just four years.

Ecosystem Management

The Ecosystem Management program is offered jointly by York University and Sir Sandford Fleming College, allowing you to combine your university education with specialized, college-based training.

Environmental Studies

Our active community is passionate about environmental and social justice. We define the environment inclusively, so our program provides keen insights into the vast interconnections that affect our world. An introductory first year allows you to expand on your passion for environmental and social change through a comprehensive core course approach. Then, specialize in Environment & Culture, Urban & Regional Environments, Environmental Politics, Environmental Management

International Development

The York/Humber International Development Management Studies program prepares you to work in Canada, the US or internationally as project or program officers and managers within governmental, non-governmental and private sector organizations involved in international development initiatives.

Urban Sustainability - York/Seneca Joint Program

As population grows so do the urban centres that support the population. Urbanization leads to an increased impact on the environment; the "ecological footprint" of cities is spreading. We need to find a way in which growth can be managed over time - sustainable growth. The Urban Sustainability program is offered jointly by York University and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Joint programs allow you to combine your university education with specialized, college-based training.

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