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Russia: Russian (pdf)

As one of the world’s largest economics, Russia remains a country of global importance and a major trade and investment partner of Canada. York is working to further develop and maintain its ties within the country through environmental initiatives, research projects and academic exchange programs. York welcomes Russian students to its diverse, multicultural community.

Russian immigrants feel right at home in Canada – in fact, Canada is home to more than 500,000 people of Russian origin, with 100,000+ residing in Toronto.

  • Fast Facts
    • York undergraduate and graduate students from Russia in 2015-2016: 135
    • York alumni worldwide from Russia:  33
    • York has 440+ student clubs and organizations; The Glendon Eastern European Club promotes and educates students at Glendon on Eastern European culture, politics and economics by hosting banquets, pub nights and bake sales with Eastern European themes
  • Research in Russia
    • Environmental studies professor Jose Etcheverry has participated in the development of the World Wind Energy Institute, a new training network involving renewable energy centre located in Russia.
    • Biology professor Dawn Rose Ann Bazely, director of the Institute Research on Innovation in Sustainability is part of an interdisciplinary team which researches the effects that oil and gas activity have on people in Norway, Canada and Russia.
    • Political science professor Sergei M. Plekhanov has co-edited Russia: The Challenge of Change (with Domenico Mazzeo, University of Toronto Press).
  • Connections at York
    • Business professor Alan Middleton has taught courses in international marketing at the Moscow State University, Russia.
    • Visual arts professor Janet Jones is a practicing artist who has lectured on both her own work and Canadian painting in Europe, Russia and China.
    • Administrative studies professor Richard LeBlanc has advised directors, executives and academics from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, China and Mexico.