The Ecosystem Management program is offered jointly by York University and Sir Sandford Fleming College, allowing you to combine your university education with specialized, college-based training.

Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor in Environmental Studies (BES) degree from York University and a Sir Sandford Fleming Technologist Diploma in Ecosystem Management from Sir Sanford Fleming College. Obtain your credentials in a shorter period of time than if you completed the programs separately.

Program Highlights

An ecosystem is a community of plants and animals (including humans) and their physical environment, functioning together as an interdependent unit. Ecosystems can range in size from as small as a pond to as large as a watershed or mountain range or desert. An ecosystem is dynamic and ever changing: every instant, every day, every season, every year. The approach to the study of ecosystems is based on whole ecosystem function, rather than on single elements or species in isolation.

The objectives of ecosystem management blend long-term needs of people and environmental values so the land will support diverse, productive ecosystems and sustainable ecosystem processes. Some key concepts in York's ecosystem management program are:

  • conservation
  • ecological restoration
  • park management
  • wetland rehabilitation

Who can take it?

You are eligible for the joint program in Ecosystem Management:

  1. After successful completion of three years in the Bachelor in Environmental Studies Honours program at York University.
  2. While in your final year of the Technologist Diploma in Ecosystem Management at Sir Sanford Fleming College.

How to apply

You can apply to the program in one of two ways:

  1. If you began with your Bachelor in Environmental Studies program at York, you will submit an application to the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) in December of your third year of study.
  2. If you began your Technologist Diploma in Ecosystem Management at Sir Sandford Fleming, apply to the joint program in Ecosystem Management through York University in the final year of your diploma program.
Possible Career Paths: 
  • Environmental educator
  • Social justice commissioner
  • Urban and regional consultant
  • Corporate social responsibility officer