Urban Sustainability - York/Seneca Joint Program

As population grows so do the urban centres that support the population. Urbanization leads to an increased impact on the environment; the "ecological footprint" of cities is spreading. We need to find a way in which growth can be managed over time - sustainable growth. Sustainable growth requires an evolution in the way urban areas carry out such activities as resource use and the movement of people and goods. The physical infrastructure and social and economic processes must evolve to acknowledge the challenges of growth.

You will learn:

  • the need for reform of market mechanisms to achieve environmental goals;
  • how to achieve a balance between social and economic considerations;
  • water resource planning and management;
  • transportation planning; and
  • soil and material testing.

Completion of the joint program will prepare you for work in the planning, design and construction of major infrastructure and services including roads, tunnels, bridges, water supplies, buildings and new communities.

The Urban Sustainability program is offered jointly by York University and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Joint programs allow you to combine your university education with specialized, college-based training. They allow you to get both credentials in a shorter period of time than if you completed the programs separately.

Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor in Environmental Studies (BES) from York University and a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma from Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology.

Who can take it?

You can apply to the Joint Program in Urban Sustainability:

  • after successful completion of three years in the Bachelor in Environmental Studies Honours program at York University, OR
  • while in your final year of the Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology.

How to apply

You can apply to the program in one of two ways:

  1. If you began with your Bachelor in Environmental Studies program at York, you will submit an application to the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS)  in December of your third year of study.
  2. If you began with your Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma at Seneca, apply to the Joint Program in Urban Sustainability through York University in the final year of your diploma.